Solution-Focused Coaching

Solution-Focused Coaching

AxL Solution-Focused Coaching caters to high-flying individuals who are committed to making change happen in order to make their goals a reality. Whether you’re an employee seeking a career change, a newly appointed manager, a seasoned professional or a top performing executive, a coach can assist you in bringing clarity and perspective to your goals. A coach will help build a strategy that works for you, while providing support and perspective and ensuring your progress is maintained.

AxL Solution-Focused Coaching is a value-based professional partnership in which you take responsibility for defining your objectives and making and fulfilling your own decisions so that your goals come to fruition. The coach acts as your ‘thinking partner,’ helping you reconnect with your ambitions at a deeper level, and enabling you to identify and overcome possible obstacles that may stand in your way. The coach will assist you in putting together an action plan and strategizing how to follow it through. Ultimately, the coach is also there to hold you accountable for your own development and to ensure you succeed in both the short and long term.

Solution-Focused Coaching isn’t focus on the coach’s expertise or subject area. Instead, the coach’s value is primarily the knowledge of the coaching process itself. By guiding you through this journey, the coach will empower you to take advantage of your own resourcefulness, fulfil your potential, explore different possibilities along the way, and achieve your goals with maximum success.

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