About AXL

AxL Coaching was created by Antonio Limon in order to cater to the communication needs of high-flying professionals, executives, business teams and organizations. It presents the ideal option for motivated and change-driven individuals who want to tap into their resourcefulness in a way that will empower them to express themselves with confidence and clarity in their target language. Could this be you?

If so, AxL Coaching will support you in gaining effective and self-assured communication skills. You will develop your linguistic aptitude in a tailored coaching environment built on highly personalized, supportive and strategically goal-oriented sessions and workshops that naturally promote expression, practice and engagement in the new language.

Results will be achieved through a strong partnership between coach and participant, and continuous monitoring and target measuring to ensure that the desired objectives are reached and maintained.

About Antonio

Antonio completed a degree in Human Resources and Organization at the University of Milan followed by a master’s in International Human Resources Management at Rome Business School. In addition, he holds a Professional Coaching Certificate from Erickson Coaching International (based in Canada) alongside a NeuroLanguage Coaching® Certification from Efficient Language Coaching (based in Germany). He is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Antonio began his career in Customer Service and Supply Chain Management with professional experience in Mexico and the United States. He quickly grasped that the ability to communicate effectively and confidently is a prerequisite for understanding and appreciating cultural difference. Similarly, he became aware of the obstacles facing high-performing individuals, teams and organizations in terms of communicating globally in English.

Realizing that simple remedial language training courses were ineffective, Antonio became increasingly driven to support professionals by developing their confidence and removing the barriers preventing them from communicating with impact and ease.

Antonio has since spent over five years in Italy and Switzerland gaining experience in Language Acquisition Consulting and Business Communication Training Facilitation. He has worked with clients at various organizational levels and from many industries. Behind Antonio’s work is his belief in each individual’s resourcefulness; we are all capable of unlocking our linguistic and verbal potential providing we draw on the services and materials offered to us.