Tailored Corporate Language Workshops


Tailored Corporate Language Workshops

We live in a globalized, interconnected world with most professionals now conducting business in several different languages, particularly in English. As a result, language-specific challenges arise frequently in day-to- day business communication. These challenges need to be addressed before they impact negatively on client satisfaction and, ultimately, on business success. 

AxL’s Tailored Corporate Language Workshops are designed to hone in on and tackle everyday linguistic challenges in the workplace.

The content of each program focuses on practical scenarios and prepares participants for overcoming such situations by equipping them with valuable knowledge and skills which they can apply to their jobs right away.

Kicking off in small groups or one-to- one sessions, the workshops revolve around the participants’ chosen area and are rich with roleplays and simulations. These interactive exercises are designed to be engaging and impactful, leading to satisfying and lasting results. Each workshop can be tailored to a company’s specific needs.




This program is for participants who need the knowhow and self-assurance to build effective lines of communication while at work. It is suited to people who often have to be on the phone as part of their job and it best serves those participants who are wholly committed to making their telephone worries a thing of the past. It will assist participants in developing skills and confidence so that they no longer shy away from picking up the phone, making that challenging phone call or joining a conference call in English. Through interactive activities, participants will build their basic verbal language skills. They will learn and practice how to correctly introduce themselves, spell out words, forward or transfer phone calls, postpone meetings, change plans, and initiate and participate in conference calls.


Workshop Content:

  • Language Basics
  • Vocabulary and Phrasing for making calls
  • The phone alphabet
  • Initiating and concluding telephone conversations
  • Takingand leaving messages
  • Arranging appointments
  • Conducting conference calls
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Interpreting intercultural differences on the phone.




This program is for those people who need to create and deliver business presentations in English. Participants will learn crucial phrases, pick up important language presenting tips and, of course, acquire the necessary vocabulary for executing flawless, impressive and memorable presentations. The workshop comes packed with exercises covering all the integral aspects of effectively creating a presentation and presenting it, including body language, presentation structure and the use of visual aids.


Workshop Content:

  • Key messages, phrasing and vocabulary
  • Structuring a Presentation
  • Introducing a Speaker
  • Presenting ideas clearly and effectively
  • Delivering convincing arguments
  • Presenting facts, figures and support data
  • Dealing with audience questions
  • Developing Visuals




This is the ideal program for participants who aspire to formulate stronger, more assertive arguments. By appreciating that negotiating is an art form requiring a very special set of skills, this workshop aims to give participants the maximum opportunity to develop the specific capabilities necessary for successful negotiating. Participants will advance their negotiating aptitude by acquiring and practicing the vocabulary needed to engage confidently and expertly in negotiations in English. The workshop includes roleplays and interactive exercises crafted to allow participants to practice how to effectively set goals, as well as how to articulate offers and counteroffers.


Workshop Content:

  • Key Phrasing for Negotiations
  • Setting up negotiations
  • Negotiation techniques and strategies
  • Recognizing, controlling and avoiding manipulation
  • Overcoming difficult negotiations
  • Role Playing different scenarios




The subtleties and dynamic of a meeting come down to its specific context and the parties involved. This can make it challenging for individuals to get involved, especially when the meeting is not in their first language. This workshop empowers these individuals to get involved and make valuable contributions during meetings. The workshop equips participants with the language skills needed to participate in and lead important international meetings. The aim is to enable individuals to hold work meetings independently and confidently in English.


Workshop Content:

  • Scheduling meeting – in person and in writing
  • Drafting an agenda
  • Opening and Chairing meetings
  • Handling Interruptions
  • Staying on Topic
  • Meeting Simulations
  • Becoming Familiar with different formats
  • Brainstorming, Decision-making, Updating

Business Correspondence and Emails



In the age of smartphones, apps and instant messaging, pleasantries, spelling and grammar are often overlooked. This can yield negative impacts when engaging in business correspondence and writing emails. Today, written communication is not just about common courtesies or style but also about communicating competently in international environments. With a global milieu in mind, this workshop therefore assists participants who wish to write accurate emails and form effective communication in English. Specific techniques and simulations are taught in order to achieve the correct tone for business correspondence.


Workshop Content:

  • Basic terminology and useful vocabulary
  • Common Business Correspondence
  • Greetings and expressions
  • Avoiding clichéd phrasing
  • Correct spelling, word order, and important abbreviations
  • Hitting the right note and style
  • Arranging and confirming appointments
  • Proficiently preparing queries, agreements and rejections 
  • Making complaints and Responding to them 

Business Small Talk



This program is for motivated individuals who want to establish rapport with prospective clients, suppliers or partners. The workshop features various roleplays and simulation exercises to train participants in the art of conversation. They will gain valuable skills for keeping the conversation going during social situations such as dinners and conferences. Participants will practice greeting guests, introducing themselves, giving company tours and other important skills for socializing constructively and confidently in English.


Workshop Content:

  • Varied partner and group exercises and roleplays
  • Introductions, greetings and getting to know people
  • Making, Accepting and Declining Invitations
  • Giving Company Tours
  • Small talk during social business gatherings
  • Building trust through appropriate topics
  • Politely ending a conversation 
  • Social Business Etiquette
  • Understanding cultural differences


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