Why AxL Coaching?


Growing up, I discovered a strong aptitude for languages and became interested in using words to express meaning, to convey a sense of purpose, to comfort and to confront. Words and communication soon became one of my greatest passions.

It was my enthusiasm for communication that led me into language teaching. I gained a teaching qualification in Florence and kicked off my teaching career there in 2012. From the outset, I never regarded the professionals I taught English to as my “students”. It was evident to me that I was not there to teach them anything. My role was simply to provide a channel through which they could express themselves in a different language.

I suspect that my belief in a supportive approach to language learning is due to the fact that, interwoven in my intrigue for words and communication, is my curiosity for discovering why and how people come to realize their life objectives. In this way, it seemed natural for me that I would pursue further education in a people-related field. I went on to complete a degree in Human Resources and Organization at the University of Milan and followed this with a masters in International Human Resources Management at Rome Business School.

My love for verbal expression and belief in guiding and assisting over prescribing or instructing eventually steered me towards coaching. I now hold a Professional Coaching Certificate from Erickson Coaching International (in Canada) alongside a NeuroLanguage Coaching® Certification from Efficient Language Coaching (in Germany). I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

As a coach, I live by a philosophy of empowering others so that they may overcome the obstacles facing them and find solutions from within. In this way, my role is not to teach or impose a standardized way of learning a language, but to inspire and motivate others so that they can drive their own learning and development.

Words can be powerful on paper and even in rehearsed speech or presentation, but a message delivered with organic intent, energy and purpose is even stronger, regardless of accent or grammar. I truly believe that, if you express yourself with genuine conviction, your discourse will have far greater impact than a grammatically correct message. As a coach, my role is therefore to stir action in others, motivate people to learn and want to learn, and enthuse these people with confidence as they develop their language abilities.

The struggles professionals face in working in a language that is not their own are widespread. It is common to feel emotions of nervousness and incompetency when faced with communicating in a new language. As a coach, my role is not to help these individuals to overcome their language concerns by teaching them to sound or speak like me. On the contrary, I have made it my mission to support individuals in empowering them to sound and speak like themselves but in a different language. My role is to assist individuals on embarking on and fulfilling this personal journey, rather than dictating the journey itself. To me, this is the true essence of language coaching and, hence, the ethos behind AxL.

AxL Coaching provides three pathways for people of different backgrounds to discover solutions that will enable them to achieve their language objectives. Firstly, NeuroLanguage Coaching provides the antidote to the “one size fits all” approach so common in language courses. Based in the fact that no two people learn in quite the same way, this option focuses on individual needs and personalized goals, while combining coaching principles and a scientific approach to language acquisition.

AxL also offers Tailored Corporate Language Workshops, fully customizable sessions packed with unique roleplays and simulations. They center on equipping individuals or teams with the skills and knowhow to tackle everyday linguistic challenges. They encourage participants to invest in their professional lives and gain skills that will prove instantly advantageous in their day-to- day jobs.

Finally, AxL offers Solution-Focused Coaching, which aims to establish a unique partnership between coach and coachee. Each one of us has within us the resolve and solutions to achieve our objectives and, with close collaboration with a coach, this pathway provides the opportune environment for individuals to find the answers to their challenges from a strongly personal perspective.


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